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Auto creation doesnt allow mods to be installed?


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if i use tcadmin to create a server then the mods icon is there and can be installed fine...


however if i use WHMCS biolling it creats the server great creates voice servers great does everything but for some reason the mods icon just isn't there :confused:


any ideas



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It shouldnt matter whether it was auto setup or manually setup as far as the mods button showing up. As long as you have mods installed for the certain gametype, then the button should show up for the users to one click install it.


Be sure on your mod "Admin access only" IS NOT checked. Im thinking maybe your creating the game manually with the ADMIN account, which would allow you to access the mods button. Then when your using the auto install, you are logging in with the auto setup user account and cant see the mods button.

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