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Hi again,



Ive been trying for 2 days running a TMNF server but it still doesnt work.


I downloaded the server files from there :


TrackmaniaServer_2008-12-05.zip (Nadeo)


and I made the attached config file.


Of course in my dedicated_cfg I added my trackmania login and password and the 3 last characters of my TM key.


Any help will be appreciated.


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Any tips on automating this?


Reading around for Nations, you don't need to enter the key. However, you will need a unique username and password for each one - how can I go about the automation of the creation of a username and password account?

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doh! TMN is following me days after days loool. I have to install xaseco. But when i did, they cannot reboot the .bat file to restart after they have settings. they can change settings with ftp for xaseco. But they need to restart the .bat file. Is it difficult to get that in tcadmin? i haven't used secondary applications yet. I cannot find a configurationfile for it.

(ps does somebody knows how much traffic on 20 slot server monthly, that game keeps running races as i can see in console :s)

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