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Trackmania Nations Forever - Strange error


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Help !!!.....I read the thread a little further below, but believe that my error is unique!


I didnt want to add to that post, but have started this new one.


I "think" i have everything setup, server files downloaded and the settings correct, but when starting the game via TCAdmin, i get the following error appear on the server in a dos window (.bat window)


The '/game' option must be used to defined a game name


the above message shows for a few seconds and then the process is run again with the window closing down, and then restarting with the same message (in a loop obviously)


Now the only thing i can think of when it relates to /game is in the config file, but i find no mention of /game and i have changed all options in the config file correctly.


Am now stuck as to what or where I have gone wrong. Please would anyone be able to help?


Thanks in advance. :grin:

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/dedicated_cfg=dedicated_cfg.txt /game_settings=MatchSettings/Nations/NationsBlue.txt /internet


This is the recommend command line that I have used for along time.


make sure you rename your main config file to dedicated_cfg.txt if its not already


Good Luck!

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