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TCAdmin Auto Restarter?


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Hi, i have a license here and my server is buggy right now (Counter-strike 1.6) and it really pisses me off when my server crashes but the TCadmin says its running. Is it possible for TCadmin system to restart the server automatically when they detect that it is "not responding"? You can find out the general info of the server when you click "More Info" beside Running.

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Can I invade this thread if I may....


We have used this function fine up untill now, but for some reason it no longer works. The option is checked to auto restart when not responded 5 times in a row, problem is, it isn't it just stops them.


What TCA prrocess handles this task, and what can be done to investigate the why?


I have restarted the monitors in question, both the master and the one on the remote where the server is.


Any help appreciated.


Thx guys

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