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CS 1.6 Server lag


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I have all my servers at high priority and my zombie server is at 1000 FPS. Even though the CPU usage is under 30% it still spikes! Like everyone on the server doesnt move for like 2 seconds and then it does that regularly. After a restart it doesnt do it but it will like 30 minutes later. I am using Zombie Plague 4.2 for CS 1.6 and all of my servers are 1.6. I also changed sv_maxrate to 20000!


Server specs

Intel Xeon 3220

4 gb of ram

250 GB HD



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Your misunderstanding the usage if high priority if you have all of your servers on high priority.


High priority should only be used on 1 or 2 select services.


And your lag spikes are probably caused by the mod

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