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Invalid Rcon


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Got an email today form a customer complaining his Rcon is incorrect. Checked through his server.cfg file and the Rcon password is set and ready to go. I also tested his Rcon password but to no success could I connect.


Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how do I go about fixing it?


He is running a Garry's Mod server.

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Yes, I have seen it many times, I fixed it by troubleshooting...

Are you execing the server.cfg file?

Are there special characters in the password?

Have you double and triple checked that there are no spaces?

Have you double and triple checked that the cfg command is rcon_password not something else, clients mess with commands then claim they haven't?

Have you double checked that they are not execing another config file that also has the rcon_password command in it?

Delete and retype the quotes, many have sworn they were proper quotes, but upon deletion and retyping, whala it works.

Do your clients have access to upload there own mods, if so, some mods can effect rcon options.

What rcon process are you trying to do many admin functions in Gmod require you to also be in the admin file, not just have the rcon password.

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