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I'm trying to run a Call of duty 4 server and have no clue as how to do it with your control panel.


1) I have found no tutorials anywhere. Is there a link that isn't dead?


2) I updated punkbuster through the control panel and the servers still has an out of date warning then kicks you.


3)I need to edit map rotation and style of map(dm, s&d, dom) and have no idea how.


4)I want to make the server hardcore, changed the 0 to a 1, saved the change and still nothing happened


Please for the love of god help me

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Sure. I use velocity-servers. What exactly do you mean by server config? It's listed like this:


/main/gametypes.cfg game types Edit

/main/maprotation.cfg map rotation Edit

/main/playercontrol.cfg player control Edit

/main/server.cfg Server Configuration File Edit

/main/weaponcontrol.cfg weapon control Edit


Then its everything thrown together.

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