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hi, i'm actually a coder for one of your members. actually, im a member of the clan coding for him and the clan. im having an issue with the ftp built in to the server panel, at least i suppose its built in. currently, he's running a good number of game servers on his server and im running into issues with very large log files. im trying to parse the logs in portions through php into ultrastats. currently, the log im working with is 4.06gb. it backs up to when he first received the server and setup this game. this isnt the largest log either (1 of the servers is much more popular then this one, i believe it is closer to 8gb but im unsure right now).


what i need to do, in an attempt to keep our web host happy, keep from burning bandwidth on both ends too quickly and to keep myself partially sane, is get the log files size so i can portion it properly. with a smaller log file on another server, all of 2mb, it reads the file size just right using ftp_size on php. with the larger 4gb file, it reads something like -239000000. so i figured it was a simple error due to the files size being over the norm and depending if its 32 or 64 bit, could be the cause. so i took a shot at it with someones recommendation of a sprintf %u and it came up far worse, something like 180000000000000 or some such huge number that is quite impossible.


so i figured i'd make one more attempt before bed, as its 5am here and ive been recoding ultrastats to portion files and work them properly for the past few hours. i picked ftp_rawlist. this comes up blank. there isnt a response to it at all. unfortunately, this leaves me drawing a blank after working with the code for a few hours straight. is there any ways you can help me to figure this out? maybe an alternate command, or possibly you could look into the ftp servers responses on larger files. as the servers public, i'll offer up the ip/port for the game server and im sure you can locate the server from there. port 28930 i believe is right. games_mp.log is the file under the directory main.


any help you could offer would be much appreciated,

--John V

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