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Migrating remote server to new hardware


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We have become concious of a potential hardware related issue on one of our remote servers, and pre-emptively decided to migrate it to a new box.


HOWEVER, we do have a large number of servers running on the kit, and want to move them all whilst retaining files, ips etc to ensure that the disruption to customers is simple downtime..


Now, we are more than capable of migrating the files and ips etc, but having not done it with TCA servers, I am cautious of keeping the disruption to a minimum.


As I see it, we would obvioulsy rig up the new server ready to receive the files (It will be set up exactly the same), then migrate the files across, and move the existing IPS to the new box.


What is required then for TCA to see this as essentially the same remote server?


Is there a Dbase on the remote that needs moving also, are there changes that need making in the remote servers settings within TCA?


I would really be greatful of any advice from someone who has either done this previously, or the guys at TCA themselves.


Thanks in advance.

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Two options-


Option 1 (Easiest): Slave the old HD in the new machine, re-assign all the IP's to the new machine and point the userfiles to drive D or whatever.


Option 2 (Pretty Easy): Use the TCA backup utility to save all the files as a giant zip file, then move that to the new server after you re-assign all the IP's then use the backup utility to move them all back.


Option 1+2: Save the backup on your HD, slave the drive, and restore the backup and then release the drive to your NOC.

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I have been hunting around for the backup utility, and after much searching on the control panel, realised it must be a sepperate app.


After searching the forum, I have only found one refference to it, however it appears to be a thread from 2005 which is refferencing a beta version.


Can someone point me in the direction of the version I would need.


Thanks Much

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Thanks ever so much, now found it.


Thing is, having opened it up it has opened up a whole new bag of questions...... if I may;


1) Database backup is greyed out, am I right in thinking because this is a remote server?


2) After loading the services, there is no mention of the Teamspeak Servers, will it not include these?


2a) If it won't back them up, what's the best way to manage that?


3) Will it backup all the files associated with the games, or will it just be settings?


4) In the list of Found Services, I am only able to select individual services, not all. Do I have to select all, or does it just automatically select them all and back them up?

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