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Cannot any game servers, nor the monitor service


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I have been using TC Admin for a while and i have never ran into this. I have moved to my own equipment as of late and have purchased and re-installed TC Admin, now I am getting very wacky messages and I believe it is from .NET Framework, but I am not sure.


Every time I boot up the service it gives me

System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot start service TCAMonitor on computer '.'.


And I get something very similar when trying to boot any of the game servers through TC Admin...

StandardPlugins.Services.ServiceManager.Start: Cannot start service TC01780518256281555432176 on computer '.'.


Is there a way to resolve this issue? This is a fresh install of Windows Server 2003 with all the .NET Frameworks and Service Packs installed and all windows updates installed to date.

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Yeah that is what i thought too, I go to add/remove programs and I see .NET 2 & 3 installed, but not 1.


So I went to download version 1.1 and go to install it and it wouldn't let me run it.


Edit: I got TC Admin services started fully now, that was an issue with a file called 'program' in the c: root which threw off .NET from finding the program files folder. That was a known issue, but I still cannot get games started.

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