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Looking to be a game hoster


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I'm looking to build a website for game hosting to the public, I have my first Ded.box on the way, its being setup.


I'm looking to provide servers to the gaming world by selling them monthly


Also looking to get more Ded.box in the future.


What do i need? and can you explain on how these programs on this website works, i don't really understand 100%



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Well here is what you need



1 Website ' i see you know that "


2 Billing system "WHMCS is the best 1 out there www.whmcs.com"


3 TCADMIN Licence " Best Gamepanel out there to date"




Whmcs has an addon for tcadmin wich will allow you to have servers automatic setup as soon as the order has been paid


Tcadmin is pretty straight forward panel


Just have a play with it to start if you need a hand add


kaosx77 AT hotmail dot com


Ill give you a hand on setting it up


If you know SQL on windows put the gamepanel site and sql on same box that will of cource limit you to how many servers you can run


If you dont know SQL pay for the TCADMIN webhosting they will host your Database and website on there end



Also for COD 4 and 5 you have to upload the game files or send the game DVd to the DC and get them to put it in the drive and just install it on the server


For steam games its pretty easy just download SRCDS for windows


Found Here


and install it then read the readme file


If you want me to setit all up for you including whmcs ill set it up for you at a pretty fair price



Thats pretty much all i can think of if anyone else see's that i missed something please reply




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Exactly as Steven said, unless your a partner with someone who knows game servers inside and out, why sell them?


It isnt as simple as it sounds to sell game servers. Im not trying to shoot you down. Im only saying its more than just installing a game server and it runs.


Do some reading on the net :)


As far as TCAdmin checkout their demo to see what exactly it does. It will definetly be your best friend if you pursue hosting servers.

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Right now is a pretty rough time to even attempt it. If your company is not some what established its going to be a very difficult journey.


The PC games right now are just brutal so to come in as a new GSP with no history its going to be very difficult.


I wish you the best of luck in the industry. :)

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Thanks to the first poster. i'll add you right away.


and to the others, i said i don;t understand 100% all the way, i do know a little bit, i wanted others ideal on it.


I'v my self been around the gaming community for about 12 years. I should know enough to get me through. thanks everybody though. :)

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