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the new patch for left 4 dead has caused a lot of issues


private servers are now hosed with sv_password set


curious if anyone else has this issue. If a server has sv_password "xxx" set, then the server won't work, however if we remove sv_password, then the server is turned off by tcadmin for not being set as a private server.


any ideas?


also, the sv_search_key no longer works.

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To make your server a private server, you first must have a Steam group. The cvar "sv_password" does not work properly and will allow people without the PW to join via match making, so instead you have to use cvars that restrict the server to members of a particular Steam group or those that are invited in by members of that group.


First, you need to find out your Steam group ID. This is a numeric ID and NOT the name of your group. To find this number, go to your group's admin page and look for the ID number in the top left corner.


Now, log into your GCP and click on "Defaul Config Files" and then on "Server settings" (server.cfg). Add these lines:



sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

sv_steamgroup (your Steam group ID #)

sv_steamgroup_exclusive 1

Save and restart your server and now only members of your Steam group and those invited can join your server. No public players will be able to join.

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There is another console variable for setting game type it sets the start up game type or current mode:


Since Left 4 Dead will now support three different game modes, we removed the console variable "director_no_human_zombies" and added a new variable called "mp_gamemode" which can be set to "coop", "versus" and "survival". This variable is set by lobby reservation, so a normal server running in lobby mode will require no changes by the server operator. If you are running in LAN mode without lobbies, you will need to set mp_gamemode before you load a map. For example, use "mp_gamemode survival; map l4d_sv_lighthouse" to load the new Lighthouse map in Survival mode.


We have extended sv_gamestypes to also include "survival". The default value is now "coop,versus,survival". This may cause issues for some servers that have a lot of tags in addition to the defaults. We realize this is problem and adjusted "sv_showtags" to show the truncated tags to help server operators see if they have reached the 63 character limit.

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