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Server log files


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Just a quick one to see how you guys handle log files....


Basically until now we have always just let users manage their log files via the file manager system, however more and more it appears are becoming lazy and are wanting to be able to access them from the main control panel.


Do any of you already do this, and if so how?


I am basically thinking just add the files to the default config files list, but didn't know whether there was a better way.




Also, I am sure in the past I have seen a script on here for monitoring log file size, but after searching my heart out couldn't find it... if anyone could post it I would appreciate it.


Thanks again

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In System Settings > Supported Games > Game


Just click the enable log viewer checkbox there to allow your users to see their log files in the cp.




This will also allow you to see the log sizes. It also allows the user to download or stream the logs.

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I still haven't found out why this is still happening.


I have checked that port 81 was open on the server, which it is, but still no joy. And for the life of me cant see why the files wont open, as they are tiny!!


Any one have any ideas?




p.s It also seems to not like me clicking the link to the config files, or any text file for that matter using the file manager, but DOES work if I select edit from the drop down..... related maybe :confused::confused:

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