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Jedi Knight 3 : jedi academy problem


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Hi folks,


Well I'm having a strange problem. 1st time one customer requested me a mentioned game and I installed it for him and everything is working.


The problem is when I start the server, in the Base folder is appearing the jampserver.cfg.


If customer tries to edit the server.cfg file, server is starting to crash.

All I can do is to re-install the server with default tcadmin cfg.


Anyone has a clue what is happening?



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I suppose the thing to note is that it works with the default config, but not when your client edits it.....


Have you looked into what they are editing, and what to?


That would be the first thing to check, unless of course you mean it crashes when they TRY to edit it, in which case thats a whole different ball game

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Hi, thanks for the answer, I don't know why but there are 2 topics so I missed to read this one.


The user is editing the tcadmin.cfg and starting the server (jampserver.cfg appears in the base folder.)


After they wan't to change something server.cfg is overwritten by jampserver.cfg and it won't start the server (I figured because the starting map wasn't mentioned on the end of the cfg)


So I added the starting map and everything was working fine, is it maybe that I should rather put jampserver.cfg to execute on the start to avoid the problems with server.cfg?

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