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Reduce Latency By 80%!

Todd Holley

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Don't we all wish it was possible? :p


Anyway, was made aware of this: http://www.evga.com/articles/00467/


Sort of reminds you of this legendary, amazing, undoubtably overpriced standard gigabit nic with an amazing overpriced heatsink: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2485650&CatId=1175


I mean seriously, what kids will do to reduce latency 5-10 ms amazes me. With the price on that second one, they could host their games on their own low end dedicated machine for a couple of months that is geographically close to them, and actually do something that works.


edit: Also stumbled upon this testimonial about the "Killer Nic" made me chuckle.

David Newt is one of the many people who don't understand how this network card works please don't read what he says. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I noticed that my ping was nearly 8-9 MS with this card while FPS had a gain of about 2.1% because it bypassed the network stack. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This card is worth the money if your a Gamer if not then you shouldn't be looking at this. Also the I'm running the 680i A1 version motherboard 8 Gigabytes of ram, Windows XP, QX6850 Extreme, 8800 GTX Ultra OC. This is only worth the money ''If'' your a hardcore gamer and have the money to waste.

Hmmm... last time I checked I was seeing about 3.5 out of my 4 gb of ram. This is of course assuming, and honestly believing, that he is using 32 bit.

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What I thought was funny, all the people said it was a total waiste of money, but still gave it 5 stars?


Wondered the same thing... thinking TD did a little editing... but hey. If they can get 8 gb of ram to show up with windows xp, why wouldn't they rate a bad review @ 5 stars. ;)

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Now back to the actual title of the thread, I was able to cut my latency at home by 50% - 20ms to 10ms, without any extra expensive or difficulty. If you're on an ADSL connection, ask your service provider to turn off interleaving. Interleaving makes your connection more stable at the expensive of latency, however almost all lines are stable enough even with it turned off. Give it a go.


I do agree though, purchases like this are very OTT. A bit like the people who buy gold plated optical connectors for superior audio clarity ;)

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