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What do you think of this article???


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VALVe confirmed that it makes no difference.



You just need to have a minimum of 100 fps on the server, that's all.


Yea its obviously a joke, ask any player who knows the difference and he'll explain it. GSP don't have to defend themselves. Its not a marketing ploy, its tossing more CPU horsepower at a server to make it run better in the simplest sense.


I have an argument to the opposite, if your on a shitty server, can you tell?


If there is such thing as shitty, why isn't there such a thing as good?

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I believe the guy is correct always have felt its just false hope. We only offer the 500 FPS only because everyone asks for it. I feel tick rate compares to some providers using the CPU Priority which in my opinion is just a misleading business practice to claim CPU priority when the provider knows CPU priority is not something that works for any company financially.


Thats my opinion. So I partially agree with the guy that made this post on steam. I may be wrong but I just think its something that makes a customer warm and fuzzy even though the change of tick rate doesnt make much difference.

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