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If you Need Tcadmin-Template


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If you require a tcadmin template to match your site, please send a email to



Overall Template: 36 USD


Front page button: 5 USD


Custom ASP Scripting = 10 USD (links, bars, and such)



Front Page- What I mean by "Front Page", is the buttons that are used to Login, Go back, forward.



Overall template- Basically a match of your main site.


Time consumption-

Order: overall template---> 1-2 Days

Order: Overall template & Front Page--->1-3 Days

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what is a tcadmin template? like an intergraiton?


can you show me an example? thanks.


Its the design of your TCAdmin. Instead of having the layout you have, you can have a layout that you make (buttons, backgrounds, bars)... I used to make them, and I actually make the Atomic Servers (Australia) TCAdmin Template, that they are using now ;)



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