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trying to figure out CS:S 100Tick


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Download and run




Follow the info below as well...


Half Life Source based games such as CS Source and DOD Source have settings which allow you to boost the performance of the server by using the following 2 functions.


1. -tickrate - adjusts the tickrate of the server allowing for faster data processing serverside.

2. +fps_max - adjusts the frames per second that the server will process.


Using these functions admins can boost the performance of their games. However the trade off for these performance increase is that the games will use more CPU. So be careful how you set these. There are 3 different tickrate settings that can be used for Source games. The default for Source is 66 tick. This can be adusted to 33 or 100 via the commandline settings.


These values are set in the commandline for the gameserver. Below is an exmplae opf a commandline using these values:


-console -game cstrike +ip xx.xx.xx.xx -port 27015 +max_players 16 +exec server.cfg +map de_dust -tickrate 100 +fps_max 550


The other main conponent of adjusting the tickrate for Source servers is the Windows Multimedia Timer. This timer needs to be adjusted in order to obtain the higher tickrate. To do this you can use a program called scrdsfpsboost. You can download the file here:




This program MUST be runnign at all times in order for the timer to be adjusted. Some users of TCAdmin actually add this as a service to their panel so it automatically starts.


**This program is required to be on all servers that have Source based games running on them, not just your master server.

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Aye, we run it as a service actually through TCA. That way if theres ever any problems, it gets restarted etc, so you can pretty much forget about it :)


Use the belo config, and add the .exe file to a folder on your main game server file server (where you keep your game files for install).


Then simply set it up as a 'game server' for am admin/dummy user.



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