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WHMCS advanced to generate a custom login !


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Hello, I woud like whmcs_tcadvanced to create a custom user for each new customer.


$billing_api_values["user_name"] = $params["username"];

$billing_api_values["user_password"] = $params["password"];


Doesn't work, it creates the game with a custom user (firstname + letter of lastname) but it doesn't put it in username of the product configuration so the user can change it's password and login directly to tcadmin.



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Im not 100% sure what your asking. I *THINK* your asking for the user to be able to set there user/pass on order..?


To do this, create 2 custom fields, one called Username and one called Password. Set them to required and show on order form. Do this on all products (well, the ones you want, then link them to a certain values file).


Then in the values file, change/set these:


$billing_api_values["user_name"] = "CustomField:Username";

$billing_api_values["user_password"] = "CustomField:Password";





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nop I don't meant that. Well, when users buy a game server, in WHMCS administration, the Username field isn't filled. And I have to put it myself to make it working for users : so they can change their password and log to tcadmin.

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