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Who uses Cacti ?


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Im pretty sure most of you do for everyday monitoring. I use to use it monitoring linux boxes without a hitch. Im trying to deploy it in my windows environment but im having some difficulties, im some of you guys can help me out abit.


Cacti is installed on my linux box and im monitoring remote windows 2008 servers. snmp agent is installed on windows but im using net-snmp on my windows host.


Cacti is configured properly and is able to query the local box no problem and display graphs.


I can connect via snmpwalk but i dont get any results and of course my graphs are emptly.. I used some templates but i get some errors when i do a test query.


snmpwalk -v 1 -c tor-ms1 versiontag

UCD-SNMP-MIB::versionTag.0 = STRING: 5.4.1


giancarlo@Home-Server-Ubx64:/var/www/resource/snmp_queries$ snmpwalk -v 1 -c tor-ms1 system


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I run Cacti on a cheap VPS from RapidSwitch, no messing around with getting all the required SNMP libraries running on windows.


We query the built in Windows SNMP agent, which works perfectly for getting all the statistics we want such as Disk, CPU, RAM and Network.


Combined with the Threshold plugin (for monitoring, i.e send an email if RAM > 80%) Cacti can be quite powerful.

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yes i know. I am running the built in snmp agent on my windows boxes. Again I cant get any statistics to poll.


Question: when you go to graph management are you using the default cacti templates:


Graph Title** ID Template Name Size

TOR-MS1 - Available Disk Space 34 Interface - Traffic (bits/sec, Total Bandwidth) 120x500

TOR-MS1 - CPU Utilization 33 Host MIB - CPU Utilization 120x500

TOR-MS1 - Logged in Users 29 Host MIB - Logged in Users 120x500

TOR-MS1 - Memory Usage 35 Windows - Memory Usage (WMI) 120x500

TOR-MS1 - Processes 30 Host MIB - Processes 120x500

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To add a new hosts and graphs, I do the following:


Management > Devices

Click Add, in top right

Enter servername, SNMP password etc

Click create


If the device page now says "SNMP Error" in the top right, it's probably because the SNMP agent didn't reply. Check that you have the right SNMP password and that port 161 TCP/UDP is open on the end host


If it's all ok, it should have some basic info. Click Create Graphs for this Host

Checkbox all graphs you want to make, click create


Next time the poller runs, your graphs should have data appearing in them.

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oh so your using version 3 ?


I was using version 2 and only providing a community name.



Where do you choose the snmp password on the windows box ? is it just the username and password of the userlogin of do you specify it in services -> snmp services -> login info ?

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No, version 1 ;)


For windows, you speicify the SNMP password by going into services, going to the properties of the SNMP service, going to security, adding a read only community (This is the password, I use a random 16 digit one) and then making sure that it only responds to my monitoring server's IP (you can set to any host if you want, but then anyone can query your server's performance if they sniff the password).

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