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Cod2 servers ping prob?


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Hi all,


I have a strange problem with which i have never met before.


I'll take 2 servers for examples. Both have pamd 1.05 installed.

On one server is the normal ping as 15-20 and on the other is like 50.


I'm wondering why is this happening if they are on the same box, ports are open, and both servers have the port 28960 with different ip of course.


PB is updated!


Thank you for your help

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Meh, didn't read it all I guess.


Are they two different CIDRs?


If so, I saw this happen once at Ubiquity, where we had two IP blocks, and one pinged and routed differently then the other. Both IP blocks went to the same machine.


If its not, then I would check into QOS and things of that nature.

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Hi the ip's are having the same route, and the rate is 25000, anyway I found the problem.


It was with Pamd 1.05 which when installed is showing ping till 50, and after configured to pam_mode cb is showing ping 30.


So what I've done is 1st setup it to cb and than to pub and the ping was normal.

Now everything is working fine.


Anyway thank you for your answers!

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