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Firewall issue? Error while creating the game server


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Couple of days back I enabled and configured windows firewall on my master and 2 remote servers. Everything working fine so far excepted TeamSpeak automated creation.


I use TCA and client exec, when ppl order on clientexec they get their server(s) created autopmatically after payment but everytime they order a TeamSpeak server I receive the following email :


GSAutomation.Processes.CreateGameServer: Could not log in to teamspeak server

Server: TC732118XXXXXXX 88.191.XXX.XX

Owner: XXXX



As it was working fine before Windows firewall was enabled I assume I missed something.

I allowed the TS server executable in my firewall permissions, when I set up a TS manually it works and server is joinable with TS client.



It is kinda an emergency so I also opened a ticket for it as I cant stay behind my comp waiting for TS orders to set em up manually if any and I dont wana disable firewall for some obvious security reasons.


Thx, any help or idea to try will be appreciated.

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