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bf2 high ping


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Hii all


i have a problem only with bf2 unranked ping is high 30 and up til 190 and goes up and down, i dont have that problem with other games as AA, CS, COD games there is the ping around 8 - 15.


what can i do to fix it.


Server is a

Dell PowerEdge 2650

- 2 x 3066 MHz. Xeon (FSB 533)

- 6144 MB. RAM (2 x 2048 + 2 x 1024 + 2 x 0)

- 2 x 73 GB. Disk 15K RPM (ATLAS15K_73SCA)

- 3 x 146 GB. Disk 10K RPM (ATLAS10K5_146SCA)

- Perc4/DC ctrl. 128 MB Cache

- Split Hard Drive Backplane (2+3 Drive)

- 2 x Gigabit NIc (Broadcom)


- Floppy



- Dual PSU


there is only 6 server running rigth now and the one is a bf2


my internet to this server is a fiberline 40/40 Mbit/s


Best Regards


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