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Here goes a completely off the wall request.


I have looked through most of the sites from posters on here, I notice the icons that are being used to promote the games, I guess I will have a free plug for wolf servers right here, but they are the best ones that I have found so far:



I absolutely LOVE them. I was wondering if anyone knows a place where I may find ones very similar to these. I would love to use the ones from wolf server but:

WOLFServers.com, WOLFServers.com Logos and Images are Trademarked. Illegal use will results in civil and criminal penalties.


If anyone has ones that are similar or even has the same ones that are just stock with no pricing on them, and they don't mind passing them out, please let me know. If you are willing I would love to have them in png format with clear backgrounds, I know beggars can't be choosers but its worth a shot ;-)


Hope the free plug helps wolfservers because I haven't found ones that are any better ;-)



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No there is no public collection for game icons. You'd have to make them yourself or hire someone. Everyone of those on wolfservers is made from a common public domain image it is just there cropping and any extra text or image merging that is quote unquote protected. Just do a google image search for the games you will host and pick a couple images then a quick trip in paintshop or some simular program to crop to the image to what you want.

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Guest louise

all they are is a crop of a picture of a game logo off google and with a red bar at the top of them its very simple with photoshop :)

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I doubt very seriously that Wolf has the icons covered by trademark. that would be quite expensive but if you want to check just go to the Trademark Electronic Search System - TESS


This is what my TESS search found for Wolfservers.com


No TESS records were found to match the criteria of your query.


You should not claim to have a trademark if you don't it is too easy to verify.

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