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clientexec intergration for 1000fps?


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is there a way to set clientexec with tcadmin

to set up a 1000fps server? like since i heard only way to host a 1000fps on window server 2008 is


either opening window media player or using a way to render the timing.


can client exec or tcadmin set that? or would i have to manually set that? any guides?

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yeah thats what im saying. I am using window server 2008 but the only way is through a script that render the timing or turn on window media player with hpet in bios.


is there a way to configure it in the tcadmin for that to setup or auto turn on while hosting the server? thanks.

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old thread but you can either use the service level and set it to 2 for exemple so its gona be installed only on machines with service level 2 where you got fpsbooster running.


Besides that you can sue additional arguments in CE to add the +fps_max in command line


this is just for ppl who might find this thread looking for a solution

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