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I'm looking to provide support with live sales, billing software and of course TCAdmin.


I've been looking at Kayako for support and WHMCS for the billing software.


Can TCAdmin share the login for WHMCS (I assume since it's a module)

And you can add links to like the Kayako support on the main page, correct?


Thank you in advance.

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Good talking to you again Ryan and thanks for the help.


Since Ryan pointed out a few things it looks like I'll just go with WHMCS for billing/support and use a different live chat system.

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I would like to bump this, I have read a few threads and can not find my answer in straight black and white.


Is it possible to remove the support ticket functions of TCADMIN and replace it with my Kayako SupportSuite? I know I can do this with WHMCS< and I have, and it is awesome. Now all I need is the tcadmin. Can anyone help me out, or is it not possible?

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