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Im a previous owner of a GSP. We recently went under due to economic problems, and due to lack of help. I was doing all of the work by myself and it just became too much and i wasnt making any money at it. Very little anyways.


To make a long story short, im looking for a job at a GSP or for an individual who needs help. I know TCAdmin,Windows server 2008/2003, Linux,MySQL,Apache,PHP, WHMCS, inside and out. I can also setup WHMCS to automate with TCAdmin. I can set all of the above systems up from ground up. Of course i have extensive knowledge of any game server that anyone can host.


So if anyone out there is in need of a super qualified admin, im your man. I would be glad to show you my skills, you dont have to take my word for it.




Look forward to hearing from you guys,


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