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Recover Password Not Functioning


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User's are not able to recover their passwords using the "Recover Your Password" tool on the log-in page of TCAdmin. The system says the e-mail has been sent, however the e-mail is never received and I have tested this with hotmail, pop3, gmail, yahoo.


The odd thing about this is I am able to recover the admin password (the e-mail is received), I am able to test the mail server and receive that e-mail, and the support system e-mails are being sent/received.


I have also tested this with the the 4 default templates as well as my custom one and results are always the same.



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Check your tcadmin logs for mail, and your mail servers logs. If they mail is never being generated place in a support ticket. If the email is getting hung up identify where it is hanging up from the pair of logs and continue troubleshooting from there

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