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I couldn't find any good documentation on what you put into hostname, datacenter etc and after trying a few different things and failing I figured I'd try here.


So, exactly what goes in them? Whenever I go to buy a test TS server I get "Error: 1 - Curl Error: couldn't connect to host" or depending on what setting I played with "Error: 99 - No response received"



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hostname = url or ip of control panel

datacenter = datacenter id provided you only have one datacenter or the product is specific to one datacenter. If you have multiple datacenters then leave blank and create an option for datacenter with all your different datacenters.

There is a wiki on the whmcs site for the basic tcamin module included with whmcs, and there is a pdf for tcadmin_advanced released by tcadmin for whmcs. You'll need to specify which module and a bit more then ect on what you want information on as there are many different possibilities based on how you price your products.



Also besure you have enabled automated setup in tcadmin and added your billing websites ip(s) so whmcs can speak to tcadmin otherwise tcadmin will refuse the connection.

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Alright so I've got them working together and it will automaticly install teamspeak now, but when I setup a COD4 server it gives me this error.

Error: 1 - Curl Error: Couldn't resolve host 'http:'


If TS is working fine, why wouldn't COD4?


Edit: Got it. Had some IPs added that were of lower value so I had to change the "Primary IP" in WHMCS.

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