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CSS missing map (fast download)


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I checked google to make sure I was not missing nsomething but I definitely cant get this working...


I got a webspace :


At the root I created a folder "maps" where I put a map called ba_prison_future so basically the map complete url is


now in the server.cfg I got :

sv_allowupload 1

sv_allowdownload 1

sv_downloadurl ""


But when I join the server I get disconnected with the message missing map maps/ba_prison_future.bsp


When I remove sv_downloadurl "" from server.cfg I can download the map (very slowly).


I assume I missed something altho I really cant see what and after 2 hours of searching and testing I start going crazy at it.


I tried several different stuffs :

sv_downloadurl "" and sv_downloadurl ""

changed the webserver structure to cstrike/maps instead of just maps

disabled firewall

checked my client settings but actually no1 can dl and my cl settings allow all downloads.

Also tried on a 1and1 webspace


nothing worked so far


if any1 got an idea it will be very appreciated

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