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What license i need?


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I want buy TCadmin, I rent a Dedicate server, and i have a webhosting in other company.


I need tcadmin in my domain, examp. gpanel.domain.com



What license i need remote or Master? if is remote is posible use gpane.mydomain.com?


Thank you...



pd. Sorry for my bad english :S

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Purchases where the dedicated server I rent a remote license.

But I can use my domain is hosted on another hosting company?


My domain. in da***.com Company

My dedicate server colo***.com


Examp. gpanel.mydomain.com


Thankyou very much.


pd. sorry i want rent no buy.. xD

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A CNAME is used to point to another domain name, an A is used to point to an IP.


A cname can point to ip, domain, or an alias


a record can point to an IP.



for example, http://www.franticservers.com is a 301 redirect to my franticservers.com, my a record points there. My cname gpanel (gpanel.franticservers.com) points to an ip address of my dedicated server.




If you would like to learn more.

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He would need an A record. As long as the DNS server on the remote end can recognise incoming records it should be fine.


If he doesn't want to setup subdomains and only wants a direct domain to the panel, and A record is the way to go.


If not as you rightfully said, a CNAME would be needed for multiple subdomains.

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