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Changing the TCAdmin User ID?

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I have read another post here about customising the Username and Password details for TCAdmin when using the auto installs but I'm unclear on how to do this.


I would like it so the User ID on TCAdmin is the clan name.


Can someone explain how this can be done if it can. Also if it can be done we do you set the custom field (for clan name), in the order section or in the registrations section.


Thanks in advance..

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Are you using the advanced module?


If so, simply create a text box custom field on each product for username and product. Make sure it is shown and required. Then, edit default_values.php. Under "Client UserId and Password" change it to the following;


/* ************************** */
/* Client UserId and Password */
/* ************************** */

$billing_api_values["user_name"] = 'CustomField:Username';
$billing_api_values["user_password"] = 'CustomField:Password';


This assumes you named the username custom field "Username" and the password custom field "Password". Save and upload.


Users should now be able to choose their own username and password when signing up.

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