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Emergency : you disabled my server by mistake

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2 days ago I ordered a 3rd remote licence, my master and 2 first remotes were automatically paid via paypal (subscription enabled) on june 1st.


I paid my 3rd remote licence same way with paypal, was around 13USD due to the prorate.


Today I received an email from TCAdmin licensing :


One or more remote servers have been disabled because you have 3 active remotes and only 2 remote licenses. Please pay any invoices that are due or contact TCAdmin support if you think this is an error. After your license has been unsuspended you can enable the remote server.


And one of my remote is indeed disabled, my customers dont have access to their control panel anymore, they cant manage their servers and they are pretty mad at me.


All my invoices were paid in time, you got an issue with your licensing/billing system so please fix it asap. Not to mention that you could AT LEAST send a warning email like a week before disabling a server, that would let ppl prevent this kind or problems happen (even when its their fault).



I submitted a support ticket with high priority but no answer yet and as Its a big emergency I post it here too.



PS : I pay all my TCAlicences with Paypal subscriptions and I got payment receipts from TCA if needed. Altho if you find that somehow a licence wasnt paid (which I highly doubt) please re enable the server asap and send me an email or w/e i ll pay it in the minute, I just want the server access back fast. Thanks.

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I would just wait for a response to the support ticket. It's Sunday afterall. It should be responded to shortly :)


well got an answer that its been fixed but its not my invoice now appears as unpaid.


Sry to double post here + ticket but customers don't care about sunday :) so they just keep complaining what is understandable after all.

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Guest louise

Here have a drink :p or maybe some rope lol


I think Sunday is our busiest day strange that eh

don't suppose you have tried reinstalling the remote ?


not sure we have an enterprise licence so unsure :(

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Well actually I know what is the problem,

on my TCAdmin customer space my last invoice was marked as cancelled then when Kevin (support) answered me that he marked it as paid I checked again and it was marked as unpaid instead of cancelled buyt still not paid.


So basically every time I try to re enable the disabled server I receive an auto email saying I got 2 licenses and 3 remote servers so 1 got disabled.

There is nothing I can do on my side and my customers are getting VERY mad now since its been 24 hours already.

I got 2 paypal subscriptions cancellation and a bunch of unhappy folks saying bad words about Cpanel.


Another problem is that since that server is disabled it doesnt appear in the "news" system and I cant contact the concerned customers to explain them whats going on. Im just answering their support tickets and msn attacks.

Not to mention Im not able to give them a delay.


Thats really annoying and frustrating cuz apart from the money im losing its giving a cheap image to my company with a 24 hours Cpanel down time. I just cross my fingers hoping no1 had his server turned off or that no server will crash on that machine cuz there will be no way for customer to start it from Cpanel...

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