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Soldier of Fortune Variable problems


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Hi Everyone,


Im having a problem with my SoF2 config files. :confused:

I found a template for SoF2 on the forum, edited it, and imported it. (Attachment)


When I install the server, all the files are being copied perfectly.

When I start the server, SoF2mp.exe overwrites the config file (base\mp\sof2mp.cfg) with its own default sof2mp.cfg.


So when I execute the created config (Attachment), the gameserver runs perfect, only the hostname is "%hostname%" because it doest take the TCA variables with it.


Hope its all clear :rolleyes:


Thanks in advance!





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If your sof2mp.cfg is too big then it gets overwrited by the default one.


Also you need to set your sof2mp.cfg in your TCA default config files and not directly in your game server files which means it doesnt have to be copied as a file but created by TCA.


This way you can use variables.


To make it clear :


Open the sof2mp.cfg you created, copy the contents, create a new defautl config files via your TCA control panel > admin > system > supported games > sof2 > defautl config files, set the correct path (by default base/sof2mp.cfg) and in file template paste the contents of your sof2mp.cfg.


Then save and create a new game server.

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