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Mani's Admin Plugin hacked


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turn SV_CHEATS off. Its not a problem with MANI. They used an exploit in the game to get your RCON password. If sv_cheats is not defined in your config add it with the setting of 0.


If you have eventscripts installed add this to your server.cfg


es_flags add cheat ma_client

es_flags add cheat ma_clientgroup

es_flags add cheat sv_cheats

es_flags add cheat rcon_password


this will disallow these operations from being made. Changing mods will not help. (actually you will lose a bit of functionality going to SM)

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I lol'd




Sure the stock SM may not have as much functionality, but its a plugin framework more than anything.


Add a few plugins and it out does mani in every possible way.


Hell the vgui menu comes up faster in benchmarks :p


We used SM for a while. Went back to mani because most of the plugins are so poorly coded that they actually cause more problems than they are worth. if it has been fixed in recent months i dont know. I do know that SM was a major source of our problems for a long time.


Seriously... The fact that you have to add plugins kinda bothers me...

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SM is much more customizable then Mani. Its like a buffet...pick and choose. Course you are limited to the plugin author, however, every plugin goes through an approval process.


The main point is that SMs base is rock solid...and with every Valve update, they are quickly active to resolve...if indeed there is something to resolve.

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Well its meant to be a "plugin mod", not an aio.


However if you like aio mods, check out beetles mod. I hear thats pretty decent, and actively developed.


I totally agree. A community very close to mine uses BM on all of their servers. My biggest issue with BM is the UI. Its not organized at all. If they would resort all of that and set the client setup to mirror that of MANI with editable ingame and simpler flags we would probably be using it.


That being said MANI is open source now. Currently being developed.

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Sourcemod and Mani are two different things. If you don't have time and just one an all in one go with Mani. If you like to choose what you want on your and how you want it go with Sourcemod. Both are good for there own reasons.

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