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I purchased extra ip's from my datacenter but when I go into configure ip's and click import it doesnt find them. When I add them manually and try to create a gameserver it stops


reating game server (Half Life - Condition Zero)...

Creating paths for game server...

Copying game files from disk...

Checking for available ip and port...

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If you colocate, chances are that the host doesn't have access to your actual server and can't add the IP's. If you rent the server from them and they didn't add them for you then the host isn't the best ;)


Most of even the most reputable dedicated server hosts in the industry do not add IPs to the NIC after you order them, they just simply route them to the server. They will add them if you ask them to do it though.


One possible reason for this is because even though you rent the server from them, they respect your privacy.



The easiest/fastest way to add multiple IPs is by using this command:

netsh interface ip add address "[i]NIC NAME[/i]" [i]IP ADDRESS[/i] [i]SUBNET[/i]



netsh interface ip add address "PublicNetwork"

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