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Problems with Custom Maps on COD:Waw


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Hey Guys,


So I've been having some trouble with installing custom maps on a COD:Waw server, especially considering the readme files are very vague and I can't seem to find many guides online about it.


So I get the map installed and the server starts with the map and everything, no errors there. But when the player tries to connect it kicks them out with the error. mp_vacant.ff is differennt from the server. This first lead me to check the server and games versions to make sure both were running the most recent patches, and I confirmed both were the same version.


Now if anyone possibly has a tutorial on how to install the maps that'd be great, or even better if anyone can zip up a server running with custom maps and send it over to me that'd be great. (Remove the .exe and whatever other files you feel necessary to eliminate any conflicts with file sharing, as I own my own copy so that's not a problem.)


Thanks in advance for the help.

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u gota put custom maps ff files in usermaps/mapname







Thanks for the quick reply, wish it was that simple. I have already done that. Now something I have discovered. In order to get the server to start and load the map without giving me the error "Mod Needed for Custom Maps" I have to copy the .ff files into the zone/english folder as well.


Any other ideas? Thanks.

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