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Issues with servers not rebooting...


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I am seriously lost with TCAdmin I never had this issue with serverdoc not sure whats going on...


Some servers will shut down on map changes and some servers never reboot that crash..


Was there something I had to download to watch the servers seperate from the default installation?


Is there a place to see the errors of why TCAdmin isn't working?


I mean come on TCAdmin is good for fancy GUI but what I need to for it to reload servers that crash more then anything.


So far its been Half Life, Half Life Source, UT3 and Ut2004 servers...


Thank You.


Using a

Windows Server 2008 64-bit Edition

Dual Quad Core Xeon 2.33ghrz 16GB DDr2 100MB Fiber

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Server monitoring needs to be turned on and configured.

Admin Home > System Settings > Plugins > GameMonitor Configuration


And then query for each game run must be correctly set. If TcAdmin doesn't know how to query the server then it won't be able to tell if it is running.

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