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Specific File Installation


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ArmA2 servers require a specific file in %systemroot%\system32\


I created a sfx archive that is set to automatically install these files in the appropriate directory, however when I use the game updates option to install the files, it installs them in the users game directory the game update was run from.


However, if I log onto the box and manually click on the .exe for the archive (located in the tca.patches folder) it will install the files to the correct folder in C:\systemroot\. It seems like TCAdmin is over-riding the default silent and forced path install of the SFX file.


Is there a script or some other way we can setup so that TCADmin allows the files to be installed in the correct folder?


We have a few games that require files to be installed in locations other then the default game files location, and we are trying to figure out if there is a way to automate the install instead of having to log onto each box and manually put the files where they need to go.

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We have 40+ arma2 servers running and none require any files to be in the system32 folder so I'm not sure what that's about. Do you have a physical install on each server?


We don't exactly have 40, but we have 12+ running and I got to agree with Rich not sure what you are talking about :p

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Yes, we wanted to set it up to install the x3daudio1_6.dll into %systemroot%\system32


Most of the boxes we use have onboard video so the directx installs aren't automatic. We found we can get away with just installing that dll instead of the whole package to keep the ArmA2 servers from crashing.


We developed a SFX archive that will install it, but when it's run from TCAdmin (we had it as a required patch) it extracts to the game folder root. However if we log into the box with the game, and run it from the TCA.Patches folder, it extracts to the directories it's supposed to.

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