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Automated settings not working after update


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So i had TCAdmin integrated into WHMCS so that when someone places an order it automatically sets up the server in TCAdmin, and it was working fine.


Then a new update came out and once TCAdmin was updated i get this error:


Module Command Error

-1 - System.Exception: You did not send a game or voice server id or the data was not valid. at Web.billingapi.xde97676d01739ced(Object xe0292b9ed559da7d, EventArgs xfbf34718e704c6bc)


in WHMCS and it does not create the server. Nothing has changes in the settigns and everything was working fine. I tripple checked the GAME ID and it hasnt changed. What happened? What changed that will cause this in the new update?



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Make sure your slots are setup correctly, as well as checking your logs server side. Submitting a ticket to TCAdmin with the log will speed up the process of this getting this issue resolved for you.


Changing the slot settings to just show a number instead of number and alpha letters fixed it. I can not believe TCA is so picky that it doesnt allow letters but regardless im back in business.

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