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TCA Website Intergration


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Rather then editing the files in tcadmin why not use the template section under admin ;) I think just about every look in the template show off section was done through those, and then of couse custom images which are stored in there own folder. And then you don't risk messing up your installation and having Luis say sorry can't help you accept to give you a unedited copy of the files next support ticket.


Realy not that hard most of the time if you want to hit me up on MSN (studeggle@hotmail.com) I might be inclined to do it for you for free or little depending on the complexity of your makeup. If you need custom icons/graphics you'll have to look elsewhere but if your just using your existing graphics is a quick job (most of the time).

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Thank you both for your replys. Ive added you studeggle to MSN, Its just the intergration I need done really the graphics are easy as I've been a website designer for many years now ;) I'll ofcourse pay you for your time. I can send you the details and everything you need via msn when your next online.


Again many thanks to you and louise.

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