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pop3 before smtp?


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I want to setup the smtp mail service, but the mail server does not want to send.


i've asked my host for answers and they say it's bacause their server is setup to be "pop3 before smtp" to make sure there's no spam...

I know i got my domain hosted with the wrong company but i'll have to do for a year.


Is there a sollution that the mail code first connects to pop3, authenticates, and then sends stuff through SMTP?? for the time beeing i let the server check for emails every minute but that's no real sollution...

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i have 2 domains 1 with a decent hosting, webspace etc etc, and one that's cheap as dirt, the one that's cheap as dirt doesn't have great support but my colleage ordered the domain there and it needs to stay there for a full year... clearly the problem is with my new (cheap) host as i tried my other (old) host with cpanel domain... and it works perfectly with email adresses from the old domain... but as we changed the name i want to use my new domain... and as such i'm forced to use the new domain hoster's mailserver...

and the problem is: my new domain host mailserver denies sending emails (Error while sending mail: The server rejected one or more recipient addresses. The server response was: 553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)) without first loging in to pop3. if pop3 is logged in both email servers send emails like they should...


I found a workaround, when i leave my outlook to login to pop3 every minute ALL emails get sent...

but if i shut outlook down... all emails sent get that error...



I tried the AUTH. setting but then it says "Error while sending mail: 502: Command not implemented."


still unsure if it's my error, a function not (yet) implemented in TCadmin, or it's my mailserver's/hoster's fault...

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