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auto setup error....please help


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Hey guys,


I have WHMCS integrated with TCAdmin for auto setup of servers.


I noticed i started getting this error when creating some servers like day of defeat and battlefield 2:


GSAutomation.Processes.CreateGameServer: There are no available servers for auto setup in datacenter Default

Server: [Auto]

Owner: heyhey


Any idea? I can go into TCAdmin directly and manually push the order through and it works but it sort of defeats the whole purpose of auto setup.



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Yeah i think i got it....ill still have to test it to make sure but i think the problem was that in Admin Home > System Settings > Servers > Server Details in the "billing API settings" is said allowed installations but the games were not highlighted.


Its kinda silly because when you look at it is says allowed installations and the games are already there so one would think, ok, these are allowed for installation, not that you have to click/highlight each game.


Ill let you know once a run a test.



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