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Mumble/Murmur 1.2.0 snapshots


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Hey I was looking around on the mumble site and found this




Didnt know if anyone was brave enough to test this with customers and if anything was different server side as far as setup/running. Also I think it might be a good idea as GSPs to start influencing how they develop this voice app. Anyone that hosts murmur knows the hoops you have to jump through to get it to run and the pain it is to add users (for windows at least). We might want to approach them as a community and see if we can get a finished product that will work well from both the client and server side. Since I am pretty much a noob in this community I wanted to get the opinion of everyone else on this. I am pretty sure that all GSPs are interested in a voice server where you dont have to pay a licensing fee! Please post your opinions.



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Ive been running a few of these servers for the past 6-8 weeks.

Some of my existing customers have requested testing servers.


TCADMIN setup is no different than it is with the 1.1.8 version, I simply used a copy of my 1.1.8 tcadmin config, and just pointed the install dir to the 1.2.0 files.


Administration on the 1.2.0 is quite a breeze as all users registration is handled via the 1.2.0 client itself by the use of the new "user certificate" system. A user simply right-clicks on root and selects "register" from the menu inside the client.


I still manually setup their SuperUser account on creation of their server. But no longer need my php/ice script to handle the users registration :)

The 1.2.0 is already extreamly stable, and will be a great upgrade. Once the codec is finalised the build will become official (No ETA that i can find on that though..)

Overall its much easier for the host to host, and customer to use.

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I installed it just to see see how it looked, and personally I am not a fan of it. The fact its free is awesome, but im a sucker for visually appealing GUI's and I do not like their's at all. It just doesn't feel clean (although a hell of a lot better than TeamSpeak) in comparison to Ventrilo. Just from reading their site, it also sounds like its a bandwidth hog.

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you should check my topic about murmur to allow ur customers to change their superuser pass.



Ive been doing it via a basic ice/php web script/control panel for the clients. You method is a good one too, ill probably implement it for the 1.2 build.

Thanks for the advise :)

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