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TCAdmin conflicting with Mod?


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I had a client hire me to do a modification for CSS for him, and TCAdmin seems to be causing some kind of conflict. In the mod, I load the gameconfig file for it using a line like this...


if (g_pGameConf->LoadGameConfigFile("cstrike/addons/bbtools/gamedata/bbtools.games.txt"))


When loading the mod using srcds.exe, or a batch file, or any other method it works fine. For some reason when its loaded from the TCAdmin though the path doesn't work. Im wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to why?

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I solved it finally. It turns out it was something I did, but I will blame it on TCAdmin for having super long default paths!!


The array I stored the filepath to the configuration in wasn't long enough to hold the entire string *beats self up*


Thanks though!

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