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No Game compatibility but "server stopped emails"


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Im running rTop100Factor (hotlaps) as a secondary application of rFactor.


I ve set game compatibility to blank and I got TCA set to restart a server not responding 3 times before stopping it.


First it should not even send me that stopped server email as the server is not supposed to be queried.


Second if it tries to query it I should receive 3 emails saying that the server was restarted before receiving the "server was stopped" one.



How can I stop this cuz this is really annoying as I receive at least 2 or 3 emails per day and per instance.

Lucky me the TCA service is only starting the wrapper service so when TCA "stops" the server it actually only stops the service that started the other one so the wrapper is still working.

But the negative point is that I get email spammed and my cystomers confused as they receive those emails aswell.

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