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GTR2 lobby issue


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I was requested to host GTR2 so I instaleld the game and its latest patches including the lobby patch and uploaded it on my dedicated.


So far no problem, Ive setup my customer server and everything was going fine.

But after a few days he reported me weird issues with server in the lobby :


basically the server was showing up properly in serverlist but someday it was gone. My customer restarted the server and it came back in the list to disappear again a couple of hours later. New restart but this time server came back and disappeared 1 minute later. New restart and this time no comeback.

I turned off the server to start it manually same problem. Turned off the server few minutes to check the config and when turning it on again it was showing up again. So kinda looks like that turning off the server few mins solves the problem but the next day same stuff happens again.



So I was wondering if this could be a master server issue, if you ever experimented same kind of problem with this game or if thats something on my side (ports are properly open, proof is the server appears at least for a few hours). And yes broadcast to lobby is enabled, key has been entered manually aswell so I dont see what else it could be.

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