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Problem with install scripts


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May be some one had such a problem...

I'm using windows server 2008 x64, with UAC turned on.


This is my script:

dirquota quota add /Path:%gameserverroot% /SourceTemplate:"QuotaX"
netsh firewall add allowedprogram "%gameserverexe%" %serverip%_%serverport%  ENABLE


The part with firewall works perfectly, but quotas do not.

I've tried using this string from command line and it works perfectly too. It sets the quota template i need.


I've also tried to turn UAC off, but still no result. No matter where I place the line with quotas, before or after firewall line, it just does not work.


Can anyone suggest me something?

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Thank you. Forgot to mention, that I tried that too, but without success anyway %) May be I need some kind of magic to be able to use this script )))

Setting quotas is not a serious problem, but now I think of it as a personal one. At least until I solve it :)

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