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Security must : run service as "automatically"


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We have this up and running now..... I think.....


But both on here, and within the instructions there is the script to use on install, but nothing to use for the uninstal script.


Does it need one? And if so, could someone post what to use.




I recommend no uninstall script.


When a new user is created his profile takes a few Kb only. when you delete it some files remain (needs a reboot to delete them) so if you recreate an user with same username it will create another profile (it doesnt overwrite existing files).

Without uninstall scripts user dont get deleted and if user already exists from a previous server creation it just wont create it again.


Sorry if thats confusing, but to answer your question : its better having no uninstall script for that feature.

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Hello Guys,


ive noticed a problem with the serverid section.

for %%* in (.) do set serviceid=%%~n* is called based on the Relative Working Directory for games such as Ravenshield this would return system as the serviceid this would cause your script to fail on sections.


Adduser - Pass

Modify group - Pass

Remove user from group - Pass

TCAservices ACLS - Fail

GameRoot ACLS - Pass

Service logon - Fail


Ive tested this with bf2 useing this script

for %%* in (.) do set serviceid=%%~n*

echo >

echo %serviceid% >> %gameserverroot%/log.txt

echo %serverip%%serverport% >> %gameserverroot%/log.txt


No matter what i change the Relative Working Directory to it will always return the folder name listed in the Relative Working Directory anyway just thought id mention this.




Sorry im a bit busy atm so had to kind of rush typed

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Does the runmeas script take awhile to run? seems it gets hung up and I need to restart the whole process over and over.


a few seconds max if u got a lot of files (hl2 games, etc)


try to run it "manually" making a bat and replacing variables by values and adding a pause at the end.



COuld be that you system is infected somehow check for the Doc & settings user folder size. If thats big one then you should clean it.

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Got it figured out. Thanks.



u can sue ccleaner to keep ur default user profile light. Set it to run on logon and clean the default user profile folder so everytime you log on it will delete unnecessary files and keep it below 1Mb.

The bigger the profile, the longer it hangs.


with a 300Mb profile it took up to 6 hours before server actually started.

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No no, I'm asking how do I access interact with desktop now to view a clients server console? I'm doing it my normal way using mstsc /admin but it is not showing up under my admin login. Do I have to login to the actual clients username now to look?

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