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How do you run your business??


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I do it part time right now as the military doesn't allow me enough time to do full time. I am planning on reving up too full time over the next 2 or 3 years as I get out this year. But I am not expecting to be able to afford mantions off the income from game servers and web design. I just feel I can make ends meet and I realy enjoy it.

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Well everyone is digging up dead post so I thought I would resurrect this one.


HostileContact is a part time job I am a retired Army Warrant Officer, I also run a T-shirt printing and embroidery shop and I charter off shore fishing trips in the summer. I recently completed my MBA and will start on my DBA as soon as I can afford the tuition.


studeggle do you wish that you had remained in the Army or are you glad to be out.

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